Is it Written?

How much of what occurs is fate, how much is nature and how much is nurture?

Every time I walk out to play I think and act like an Australian. I play aggressively, to win and to be the best I can be. My game revolves around what I have grown up with. The influences of my coaches and the proud history and heritage of cricket in Australia. The difference is that I bat like an Indian.

It's not just me that says it either. I know comments are made that "she doesn't bat like one of us. If she did, she'd hit it straighter and more over the top."

I can't fight nature; for me batting is a simple task of seeing the ball and working it for runs. Lots of runs. My Indian wrists help with this.

My wrists I have inherited. My desire to be as good as I can be, as well as my love of cricket, I get from my father. Perhaps, because I was nurtured in that role straight out of the orphanage.

More on that later…

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